• As people age, their bodies undergo many changes, which can have an impact on their nutritional needs, their appetites, and their digestion.

  • Looking to live a longer, healthier life? Look to Okinawa, where lifespans are long, and they eat less - and healthier.

  • While eating fish is believed to be healthy, some seafood has gotten a bad rap over its mercury content. But should older adults - who may benefit from the heart-healthy fats contained in fish - pass up the seafood over concerns about their mercury levels? Research suggests that the answer may be no.

  • As we age, our nutritional requirements may decline, but seniors can also be at risk for malnutrition and may need to take steps to assure they get plenty of the necessary vitamins and minerals through the foods they eat.

  • Are you getting your recommended daily intake of vitamin D? Probably not. Read on to find out why and what you can do about it.

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