• Pharmacists are dynamic, patient-oriented professionals committed to fulfilling the health care needs of their patients. Pharmacy is a profession that is expanding in new directions to meet the health care needs of all Canadians. Currently, there is a movement beyond the traditional compounding and dispensing of medication towards a more professional advisory and primary health care role.

  • The conversation with your pharmacist is a two-way street: both parties should be listening, asking questions, and offering information. The pharmacist should ask you for relevant information about your medical history, tell you about the medication, and answer your questions. You should ask questions, talk about your concerns, and provide any necessary health information to the pharmacist.

  • Do you find it difficult to open your medication container? Find out some tips on what you can do.

  • Can drinking grapefruit juice be dangerous? If you are taking certain medications, the answer is yes. How can grapefruit juice affect my medications? Grapefruit juice can block your body from metabolizing (breaking down) some medications. This can lead to dangerously high levels of medication in the body, which may increase the risk of serious side effects.

  • Many people experience problems with the medications they are taking. These problems can be inconvenient, and may even be dangerous to your health. Find out if you are at risk, and what you can do to avoid medication problems. Ask yourself these questions: Do you sometimes forget to take your medication? Are you unsure about what your medication is for? Do you ever run out of medication before you get a chance to get your prescriptions refilled? Do you have trouble swallowing tablets? Do you find it hard to open your medication container? Do you find taking your medication inconvenient? Are you unsure about the side effects of your medication and what to do if any occur? If you answered "yes" to at least one of the questions: You may be at risk of medication problems.

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