Like night and day: the bedwetting underwear difference

You don't expect your child to fit into the same clothes, or glasses, or shoes year after year. So why expect them to don daytime training pants to handle nighttime bedwetting, especially as they grow?

If you're thinking "Oops!" you're not alone. A lot of parents don't realize training pants are intended for young kids who are potty training, not for bedwetting. Or that older kids are sensitive about wearing something that looks and feels like a diaper after they are potty trained. Here's why specially designed nighttime underwear (also called bedwetting underwear) are the right choice over absorbent training pants.

  • They are more absorbent. Hundreds of thousands of Canadian kids age 4 and up need extra protection at night. Training pants are only designed to offer protection in the daytime between trips to the bathroom. Nighttime underwear is designed to be more absorbent.
    Bonus: Repeat dry nights help boost confidence.
  • The fit is right. Training pants are bulky, noisy, and only fit toddler sizes. Nighttime underwear are discreet and available in larger sizes.
    Bonus: Thin, super-absorbent bedwetting underwear fits under any sleepwear.
  • They protect while lying down. Nighttime underwear is specially designed to handle bedwetting in any sleeping position. Training pants are not designed for leak-proof protection lying down.
    Bonus: Kids will learn they can sleep any way, anywhere, without worry.
  • Fun graphics are designed for kids, not toddlers. It's important to provide age-appropriate clothes, toys, and equipment for your kids. The same is true of underwear to protect against nighttime accidents, whether at home or in social settings such as sleepovers, overnight camp, and family vacations. Nighttime underwear come in a selection of fun graphics that suit and appeal to a wide range of ages.
    Bonus: You can tell your kid how age-appropriate bedwetting underwear is proof that they are not the only one in their grade at school who wets the bed.

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