ADHD and your family

Mental Health


Having ADHD can affect many areas of a person's life. Families play a vital role in encouraging and supporting children with ADHD to do their best. Families can give hope to their children by seeking treatment for their child's ADHD symptoms.

Fortunately, treatment and support can help manage the symptoms and problems that the child with ADHD experiences. The benefits of effective treatment may include:

  • decreased disruptive behaviours
  • improvement in your child's academic performance, particularly volume of work, efficiency, completion and accuracy
  • increased independence in homework and self care
  • improvement in your child's interactions with peers and family
  • improvement in your child's self esteem
  • enhanced safety in the community, such as in crossing streets or riding bicycles

There are many family support groups to help you deal with the impact of your child's ADHD on your family. Talk to your doctor about your child's treatment options and ways to get more support.

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