• Why do we yawn? Why are they so hard to stop once they start? Yawns are quite contagious and mighty mysterious!

  • Do you have bad breathing habits?

  • Warts are caused by viruses, called human papillomaviruses (HPV). Most papillomaviruses, like the ones that cause common skin warts (verruccae vulgaris), are benign. Warts almost always go away by themselves because the body's immune system eventually recognizes the infected tissue, mounts an attack and rejects them, leaving clear skin and no trace of the wart.

  • Body odour is embarrassing, but it's common and you can easily prevent and treat it.

  • If a fear of involuntary urine leakage has you struggling to stifle coughs, sneezes, and laughter, pelvic floor exercises might be the solution for you.

  • Being a girl can be messy business, what with your monthly period and odours emanating from "down below." It's not always pretty! But it is pretty simple to stay fresh and dry.

  • Touch can actually give more than a momentary tingle or a second of solace; touch can comfort and heal.

  • Find out why this once common vaginal hygiene practice has fallen out of favour in recent years.

  • Swelling in the hands, ankles, legs, and feet may be an occasional annoyance or the signal of something more serious.

  • Tips for healthy breathing habits.

  • We all clear our throat from time to time. But for some, repetitive, aggressive, or excessive throat clearing can become a habit or indicate an underlying issue.

  • Suffering from hyperhidrosis? Don't sweat it! Follow these tips to help you minimize embarrassing symptoms of excessive sweating.

  • SERMs are selective estrogen receptor modulators. Estrogens stimulate the cells to divide and grow. SERMS can mimic estrogen, which means that cells think the SERM is estrogen, and, depending on the tissue either, promote estrogen effects or stop them. For example, SERMs will either stimulate a cell or block its growth.

  • Are your fingernails sending you warning signals about your health? 6 colour and surface changes you should watch for.

  • Many women attempt to fight the cellulite fight - but is the struggle worth it? Get answers to 6 common cellulite uncertainties.


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