• Next time you feel hungry, ask yourself, Am I really hungry? Or am I craving food to satisfy my appetite?

  • There are some mindsets that can derail even the best weight-loss intentions. And while making over your body is a great goal, it's possible that to reach it, you also need a mental makeover - at least where your attitudes and beliefs about dieting are concerned. Here are some commonly held beliefs about dieting, why they can lower your chances of success, and how to beat each obstacle.

  • Think you've been pretty good about eating well but find you're still not losing weight? Beware these hidden sources of calories, which can mean diet sabotage despite your best intentions. Oversized portions: The calories listed on the package are the amount contained in a specific amount of food, but that's not necessarily the amount you're eating.

  • Does this scenario sound familiar: You had a bad day at work, got into an argument with your partner over the phone, and then got stuck in traffic on the way home? And now that you're finally home, you can hardly wait to put on your sweats and dig into that carton of double chocolate chip ice cream or that bag of chips in your cupboard? Or how about this one: You're sitting at home with nothing particular to do, and so you go rooting around your kitchen cupboards, just to see what's there.

  • You haven't changed your diet or eating habits, and yet the pounds keep piling on? What could cause weight gain?

  • Instead of the freshman 15 pounds you've finally shed, do you now find yourself battling the office 30? Are you feeling more lethargic and unfit? Find out how to eat better and keep healthy at the workplace.

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