• Are these common misconceptions making you feel less than certain about taking the pill? Learn why they don't have to.

  • After sterilization, the birth control pill is the second most common contraceptive method used by Canadian women. What is the birth control pill? There are 2 kinds of birth control pills available in Canada. The combination pill uses a mixture of estrogen and synthetic progesterone or progestin. The mini-pill contains only progestin.

  • What are the side effects of taking the pill? The most common complaints in pill users are nausea, "spotting" or breakthrough bleeding, weight gain, breast tenderness, mood alterations, and headaches. These are most severe when a woman first starts to take the pill, and often tend to disappear within 3 months.

  • Men have several vasectomy options, including no-scalpel vasectomy (NSV), closed-ended vasectomy, and open-ended vasectomy.

  • Get answers to common questions about vasectomy, the surgical procedure that renders a man sterile.

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