• Ready to pack your birth bag? Find out what to bring.

  • A birth plan helps you communicate your birthing preferences to your healthcare providers. Learn more about birth plans and how to prepare your own.

  • Does that bump look more like an Emma or a Madison? Get some tips on choosing a baby name.

  • It's nesting time! Find out how to get your home baby-ready.

  • Pregnant and considering cord blood banking? Learn more about the benefits of saving umbilical cord blood, how cord blood is collected, and how it can be used.

  • When considering epidural or spinal anesthesia, the following questions will help you communicate with your anesthesiologist before your surgery: Ask if an epidural or spinal would benefit you during or after the operation. Ask about any concerns that you may have regarding an epidural or spinal anesthesia.

  • Learn about caesarean sections (C-sections), the surgical alternative to vaginal childbirth, including what to expect from the procedure and recovery and the potential risks involved.

  • Although a caesarean section is a common procedure and is considered safe, it is not free of the risk of complications.


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