• There are more ways you damage your teeth every day than you might think, including some things you do with the best of intentions.

  • There's no reason to live with the pain and discomfort of sensitive teeth. Learn more about tooth sensitivity and what you can do to make it better.

  • Many people are intimidated by certain dental procedures. Learning about these procedures may help you feel less anxious about them so that you can experience a more relaxed visit at the dental office.

  • One of the first things people see is your smile... but keeping your teeth and gums healthy can keep you smiling for reasons you may not have thought of. Find out how oral health affects your overall health and how to best care for your teeth and gums.

  • Your flight and hotel are booked and you're ready for a well-deserved vacation! But travelling is not an excuse to let go of your healthy habits! Learn how to keep your mouth healthy while travelling.

  • Nutritional supplements are big business. Every day, ads and news stories tell us about supplements promising to prevent heart disease and cancer, improve our memory, and much more. But is it all true? We sort through the hype to bring you information you can trust.

  • Having certain medical conditions can affect your oral health. Learn more about how pregnancy, diabetes, cancer treatment, and eating disorders can affect oral health and what you can do to keep good oral care.

  • Quitting smoking is an important step towards better health, but it's not easy! Fortunately, there are programs and medications to help. Read on to learn more about smoking cessation.

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