There are many people that use tofu as an important part of their daily diet. Not only is it an excellent source of protein, B vitamins, and iron, it also provides a lot of the calcium that the body needs to be healthy.

Tofu also offers great benefits to women who are at high risk for colon and breast cancer. Tofu is also known to reduce the negative effects of menopause such as headaches, night sweats, insomnia, and more.

Not only does it have many of the healthy lifestyle qualities, but tofu is also low in saturated fat and does not contain any cholesterol. So, it is a perfect addition to any diet. It comes in a variety of forms and textures. This makes it perfect for various recipes and variations.

There are many great ways to add tofu to your diet:

  • It is great for dressings, dips, and desserts.
  • Use it in pie fillings, custard, or cheesecakes.
  • Add it to breakfast shakes and fruit drinks.
  • Use it as substitute for sour cream and mayonnaise in dips and salad dressings.
  • It can replace soft cheeses needed in recipes like lasagna.
  • Use it as a sandwich spread by mixing it with cottage cheese and seasoning.
  • Marinate it in sauces and grill it.
  • Use it as an alternative to chicken or meat.
  • Use tofu bread crumbs combined with chopped onion to make burgers.

Marlene Veloso