There are some illnesses or medications that people take that often leave people with a loss of appetite. It is important to make sure your body is getting the fluids, calories, and protein it needs to heal.

Some illnesses like advanced cancer or heart diseases may require a special diet that may impact your illness or treatment. Always be sure to ask your physician what dietary guidelines that you should follow to aid in recovery, and to ensure that you are following a diet plan that is healthy for your body.

There are some tips that you can use to encourage better eating:

  • Eat smaller portions more frequently.
  • Eat more when you feel hungry.
  • Put a limit on fluids while eating so that you do not fill up before getting more food calories.
  • Make the meal more appealing with colour and textures.
  • Drinking a small amount of wine or beer can often encourage an appetite.
  • Keep snacks available for when you get a hunger urge.
  • Avoid certain smells that may cause amnesia and negatively impact your appetite.
  • Cold sandwiches can provide a lot of necessary food calories and are easy on your stomach.
  • Exercise can often make you feel hungry.
  • Try drinking nutritious supplement drinks to increase calorie intake that your body needs.
  • Add breading to meats to add more calories.
  • Add more fat and sugar to your diet.
  • Take a multivitamin to add the necessary nutrients that your body needs to feel better.

Marlene Veloso