For some reason, many of us feel we need to add a dessert to the end of every meal or occasion. While eating sweets are not completely bad for you, there are some alternatives to fulfill those cravings in a healthier way.

Whether you are habitually used to adding sweets to the end of a meal, using a sweet treat to fill the time, or maybe there is just a favourite sweet that always comforts you, the trick is to make your body believe the craving has been fulfilled.

Try these great tips on how to kick the craving:

  • Eat a small bite or two of chocolate, not the entire bar. This should do the trick without having to consume all of it.
  • Try a sample of a really sweet, higher-end chocolate where you can only eat a small portion because it is too sweet for your mouth to handle.
  • Eat a little bit of sugar on a sweet apple. This way your body will respond to the great juices of a ripe apple and it is much better for you than unhealthy sugars.
  • Having a diet rich in complex carbohydrates, i.e., whole grains, sweet potatoes, rice, etc. will cause your body not to crave sweets.
  • High protein snacks and high protein powder drinks, which have a small amount of artificial flavours and sugar, are sure to curb the need for sweets.

Marlene Veloso