If you think your partner or spouse may be suffering from low testosterone, it is important to remember that it is treatable!

His doctor may start him on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) to increase the low levels of testosterone in his body.

These therapies are specifically designed for men with low testosterone, and you should be cautious to never ingest or apply any of these therapies and to help your partner or spouse take the necessary precautions to avoid transferring product to any person. Pregnant and breast-feeding women are especially at risk. If you are a female and your partner or spouse is moving forward with a topical treatment option, it is important to try and avoid skin-to-skin contact with the application site, and keep children away from unwashed or unclothed application sites of men using these products.

Remember that low testosterone affects your life as well! If you have any questions about testosterone replacement therapy, make sure you address these with your partner or spouse to get the answers you need.

With your support and proper treatment, your spouse or partner can take back control and feel like himself again!