• Not sure if your child has an ear infection? There might be symptoms you're overlooking. Take this quiz to get more information.

  • What do you know about genital herpes? Test yourself with this quiz. 1. Genital herpes is a contagious viral infection that affects _______ people. a) 1 in 4000 b) 1 in 400 c) 1 in 40 d) 1 in 14 e) 1 in 4 2. This percentage of people have genital herpes but are unaware of their disease: a) 20% b) 30% c) 50% d) 60% e) 80% 3.

  • Answer true or false to the following statements. 1. Exposure to HIV always leads to infection. true false 2. HIV is a disease. true false 3. AIDS stands for "acquired infectious disease syndrome." true false 4.

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