You won't lower your blood pressure to a healthy level overnight, but you can do it over time. With the help of health care professionals, friends, and family, you can make choices that will lead to success and potentially to a longer, healthier life.

Your family doctor should encourage wise lifestyle changes and can prescribe one or more medications to help manage hypertension. Your pharmacist is available to discuss your condition and can help suggest ways of managing it, especially if remembering to take medication daily is a problem.

Within the community, groups like the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada offer community events and support groups for people living with high blood pressure.

Your doctor understands

Since your doctor is likely the person who discovered the high blood pressure, it is important that you work together to manage it effectively. Armed with the knowledge of your medical history and any medications you're taking, your family doctor is in a great position to provide expert advice on how to get your blood pressure to a healthy level.

Your doctor can tell you about new treatments for high blood pressure and suggest ways to make taking your medication a part of your everyday routine.

Useful websites

To learn more about high blood pressure and related conditions, visit the following links:

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