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You can have hepatitis C for decades without showing any symptoms.

How is hepatitis C spread from person to person?

The hepatitis C virus (HCV) is spread through direct contact of your blood with the blood of an infected person. Many baby boomers could have gotten infected from contaminated blood and blood products before widespread screening of the blood supply began in 1992. But many do not know how or when they were infected.

Hepatitis C can also be transmitted by:

  • sharing needles or syringes to inject drugs
  • sharing personal hygiene items with an infected person (e.g., razors, toothbrushes, nail clippers)
  • using non-sterile instruments and needles for tattooing and body piercing
  • needlestick injury or improperly sterilized equipment in a health care setting

Do these examples make you think that you may be at risk? Take the risk assessment and talk to your doctor about your results.

An accurate diagnosis is the first step in learning to effectively treat hep C. The sooner hep C is treated, the less damaging the virus can be. Speak to your doctor.

Doctor Discussion Guide - Diagnosed
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