• The term heart disease refers to a number of conditions that result in the heart not being able to work properly. Find out what they include.

  • Although coronary artery disease (CAD) is the most common type of heart disease, there are several other types.

  • The causes of heart disease are as varied as the types of heart disease.

  • Symptoms of heart disease vary depending on the specific heart condition and the extent of the disease, but many symptoms are similar between types.

  • It is extremely important to know the signs of a heart attack so that you can take quick action and get early treatment that could save your life. While waiting for help to arrive, there are things you can do as well.

  • There are several risk factors that increase the risk of developing heart disease or of heart disease worsening – some of which you can change and some you can't.

  • The diagnosis of heart disease begins with a medical history, a physical exam, a laboratory tests, and perhaps chest X-rays. Your doctor may also want you to have specific tests to see how well your heart is working.

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