• 10-25% of Canadians develop flu each year - Signs it may be the flu - What to do if you think you have the flu - Timeline of the flu - Am I at high risk? - Flu complications - Instructions for proper handwashing

  • Do you know if you are at risk of flu complications? Everyone is at risk for getting the flu, but some people are at risk for serious complications and severe infection from the flu. Answer these questions to find out if you are at risk.

  • The flu is a respiratory (i.e., nose, throat and lung) infection that can be caused by a variety of influenza viruses. Many people use the word "flu" when they actually have a cold. Although the common cold is also caused by viruses, the flu and common cold differ in several ways. Can you tell the difference? Test your knowledge!

  • Are you at a healthy weight? Calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) and find out.

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