Resistance is not just about lifting weights to get a better physique, but also to strengthen muscles for their functional use. There is one exercise that can benefit a busy mother as well as a seasoned golfer: core rotations.

We know that the upper body can bend forward, back and side to side, but it also rotates on top of the hips. This movement is key when picking up something and turning to place it down, at all phases of a golf swing, or just even when shoulder checking while driving. To strengthen these muscles do the following:

  • put your hands on your hips and make sure they stay as still as possible
  • keep your head forward and always in line with the center of your chest
  • draw your belly button towards your spine and keep your back straight
  • slowly turn your body so your shoulders become as perpendicular to your hips as possible
  • rotate in the other direction and repeat for 20 repetitions

This exercise needs little to no resistance, but to challenge yourself try holding onto a basketball, a large book, or any other object that you can have a firm grasp on.

By strengthening these muscles, you will decrease your chance of injuring yourself while twisting and maybe also hit your golf ball a little longer!

Pieter van der Linde and Rob Tubajon of Endorphin Junkies 
reviewed by Art Hister, MD 
in association with the MediResource Clinical Team