No one can deny the power of snacking. We do it while we are working, visiting with friends, taking time to relax, and watching a little television. So cutting them out of our lives forever is hardly a reasonable expectation.

So, if you are going to snack, there are ways to make your snacking healthy and not overload you with poor nutrition and excess fat. There is no need to deprive yourself from snacking, but replacing unhealthy snacks with other options can lead to a healthier life and body.

  • Popcorn doesn't have to be completely full of butter and fat. There are fat-free versions that you can buy, and adding a small amount of butter to it is still less than you would have consumed.
  • Fruit drinks and smoothies are great for adding fruits to your diet and can be made in a non-fattening way. You can add great nutritional value by using fat-free yogurt and milk as the base to your tasty drinks.
  • Yogurt can taste good even without the sugar. You can always buy low-fat yogurt and add fresh fruits to them to add a naturally-sweetened flavour.
  • Choose frozen fruit bars instead of frozen ice creams. They are a great sweet alternative to your diet.

Marlene Veloso