Ever reached the bottom of a bottomless bucket of popcorn or scraped the last bits of cheese from the nacho platter at the bowling alley? We all overdo it with food sometimes, particularly during the holidays or other special occasions.

When overindulgence gets the better of you, over-the-counter products can help counteract the discomforts of indigestion. If you'd prefer to try not to overindulge in the first place, here are a few tips for enjoying bountiful feasts and festive flavours without being overwhelmed by uncomfortable indigestion:

Mind over matter: Even when there's a holiday smorgasbord spread before you, you still shouldn't let your eyes get too much bigger than your stomach. Practice portion control - use a small plate or take small scoops of different foods you'd like to try. Eat slowly so you notice when you're beginning to feel full instead of instantly heading back for seconds.

Move over, meal: Know when to say when. And when "when" happens, actually push your chair back from the table or go sit in a different room away from the food. That way you'll give your body time to digest... and maybe even make room for dessert!

Get over it: Overindulgence is okay now and then, but it's not something to get in the habit of. Instead, make it a habit to realistically size up your appetite before you eat. Are you really ready to get gut-bustingly full? Or will overeating tonight lead to an overstuffed belly and oversleeping and skipping your jog tomorrow morning?

Get it over with: The indigestion, that is. Though an upset stomach can definitely deflate your spirits, you needn't suffer long for your seasonal or special occasion "sins." Take a relaxing walk around the neighbourhood to stimulate digestion. Sip on water or a soothing mint tea, or turn to an over-the-counter reliever product.