If you overeat, you can feel bloated, heavy, lethargic, and generally bummed-out. Try foods and drinks that have a cleansing effect. Think crisp, clear, and fresh.

  • Sip on ginger tea. Ginger helps digestion and can relieve nausea.
  • When you wake, take your water warm and with a twist of lemon. A practice of many yoga practitioners, this may help to gently stimulate your digestion.
  • Eat more fibre. Foods rich in fibre, such as apples, bran, beans, almonds, and spinach, can keep things moving on out of your system. They're like scrub brushes, cleaning out the pipes.
  • Go fresh and lean. Opt for unprocessed food - fresh veggies and fish, whole grain breads. You don't want to be mucking up the works with fat or preservatives.
  • Put down that salt shaker. Too much salt can make you retain water, causing that oh-so-unpleasant bloated feeling.