• Smoking
    Everyone knows smoking is bad for you, but quitting can be a big challenge. Learn about the health effects of smoking, the dangers of secondhand smoke, and how to quit effectively.

  • Heart
    Heart disease causes more deaths in Canada than any other condition. Learn more about heart health, the risk factors for heart disease, causes of heart disease, and what you can do to prevent heart disease.

  • Nutrition
    Find out how to keep healthy by getting the facts on proper nutrition: what to eat and what not to eat. Learn what your body needs, if dieting works, balanced food portions, and much more.

  • Sexual Health
    Humans are sexual beings, and sexual well-being is essential to our overall well-being. And yet sexual health tends to be a subject that everyone wants to know about but no one wants to talk about. Look to our articles for reliable information on subjects ranging from sexual dysfunction to illnesses of the reproductive organs and sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Weight Management
    Achieving your weight loss goal takes time. Becoming mentally 'ready' is an important step in the process. Check out this channel for useful information on treatments, nutrition, exercise, and more.

  • Yeast Infections
    Do you think you have a yeast infection? 3 out of 4 women will have at least one yeast infection in their lives. Find out why you get them, how to treat them, and when you should see your doctor.

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