I feel much better. Do I need to continue taking my medication?
Each person is different and you should follow the treatment duration recommended by your doctor. If you stop taking your medication too early, you will be at higher risk of a symptom relapse. Talk to your doctor before making any decisions about quitting your medication.

My antidepressant isn't working. Should I stop taking it?
Nearly one-third of all people who take antidepressants stop taking their medication within 30 days of starting it. People say they stop because they felt the medication didn't work or because they disliked the side effects or the stigma attached to taking medication for a mental illness. Others quit their medication because they felt the medication was not treating their symptoms. Luckily, a variety of antidepressants are available in Canada. If you don't respond to one medication, talk to your doctor. Your doctor may recommend switching to another medication, which may reduce your symptoms. Talk to your doctor if your current medication doesn't seem to be helping.

My antidepressant is helping me a little bit. Is this good enough?
The goal of your treatment should be to resolve your symptoms of depression. If you have taken your medication as directed for 2 to 4 weeks and are not feeling any better, talk to your doctor. Your doctor may recommend increasing your dose or changing your antidepressant medication, which may help to relieve the symptoms that you are experiencing and help you reconnect to the things that matter to you. Remember: your depression symptoms are unique to you, and choosing the right antidepressant should help make your symptoms a thing of the past.