• Your doctor can't diagnose depression through a lab test or X-ray. Instead, doctors must make a diagnosis by asking questions about your feelings and behaviour. That said, your doctor may still do a physical exam or order blood work to rule out other causes for your symptoms. You play an important role in helping your doctor make an accurate diagnosis.

  • I think my friend or family member may be depressed. What should I look out for? The only person who can diagnose depression is a doctor. But if you're unsure whether a friend or loved one has depression, take note of these two simple questions: In the last month, have you noticed if your friend has little interest or pleasure in doing things? In the last month, have you noticed if your friend has been feeling down, sad, or hopeless (you may also notice other symptoms such as bad temper, irritability, tearfulness, or anxiety)? Canadian depression experts advise that if the answer to either of these questions is "Yes," you should encourage your friend or family member to consult a doctor for help, They can also learn more about depression by visiting www.

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