• As you head out to the stores or go online to pick out toys for all the good girls and boys on your list, safety may be on your mind.

  • When babies start to crawl and eat solid foods, parents need to be particularly vigilant about the dangers and risks of choking. Choking happens when food or small objects get caught in the throat and block the airway. This prevents oxygen from getting to the lungs and brain. When the brain goes without oxygen for more than 4 minutes, brain damage or even death may occur.

  • Bisphenol A (BPA), a plastic found in many baby bottles, has been in the news lately as a possible toxin. Find out the current thinking about bisphenol A and what you do to reduce your baby's risk of exposure.

  • What is the danger of lead in toys? What harm can lead do to children?

  • What is melamine, and why is it showing up in food? What should we do?

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