An asthma action plan is your guide to managing your asthma. It's a written plan created by you and your doctor to help you monitor your asthma and decide what to do in various situations. Asthma is a variable disease, which means symptoms can flare up from time to time. Having your own asthma action plan will give you the knowledge you need to keep your asthma under control and help you decide what to do if your symptoms get worse.

Don't wait until you're having an asthma attack to start taking control of your asthma. Instead, monitor your asthma symptoms regularly and follow your action plan. There are many templates available online for free. Print one and bring it to your doctor to fill it out.

Your action plan divides your asthma into three zones: green, yellow, and red. The green zone means your asthma is well controlled. Yellow means you may be losing control of your asthma and you're in danger of having an asthma attack. Red means you're having a severe asthma attack and may need immediate medical attention. Your doctor will go over how to recognize which zone you're in and what to do in each one.