• Excess weight can put excess stress on knee and hip joints. If you are overweight, shedding a few pounds should be part of your overall approach to preventing and treating OA. You can achieve a healthy weight loss with healthy eating and realistic goals. Many health experts recommend a target of 10% weight loss over a 6-month period.

  • Pain is an unfortunate part of life. Even though everyone encounters it, our experience, sensitivity, and tolerance to pain vary greatly. One person may suffer from small aches while another will tolerate walking on a broken ankle. Still, everyone needs pain relief now and then. This month, we take a look at some of the conditions that may cause you pain and what you can do to find pain relief.

  • Even everyday activities can stress and strain weakened joints and expose them to injury. The best way to deal with this problem is to think about how you can organize your activities so they have the least chance of hurting or injuring your joint. Here are some tips.


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