Knee braces and orthotics

People with an unstable knee or whose knee joint is not aligned properly may benefit from knee braces and orthotics (custom-made shoe inserts to minimize the strain on your knee). These devices help to shift the load put on the knee so that less stress is put on the joint. Speak with your doctor or physical therapist about these devices. People who have OA in their knee or hip should always wear good supportive footwear.

Physical therapies

These treatments include applying heat or cold to the joint, as well as using ultrasound, transcutaneous nerve stimulation (TENS), pulsed electromagnetic file therapy, laser therapy, and electrical stimulation on the joint. Although these treatments are all recommended regularly, their overall benefits to people with OA have not been well-established. Therefore, treatment with physical therapies should be based on individual circumstances and their effect on symptoms.

Proper exercise and weight management are important aspects of treatment for OA. They are discussed in "Prevention of Osteoarthrits."

To learn more about your OA treatment options, speak to your doctor.