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  • Medical Review Faculty

The MediResource Medical Review Faculty includes a dedicated staff of in-house health care professionals, editors and medical writers, along with a team of medical advisors and freelance medical writers. All have extensive experience in their medical specialty and in producing medical information for the public that is relevant, timely and accurate. We take pride in our medical experts and the high-quality medical information they produce for the public.

All MediResource health content is clinically reviewed by a health care professional. Authors of health content are always qualified medical writers. Clinical reviewers are health care professionals selected for their experience and topic expertise. All articles are edited by medical editors experienced in the production of medical information for the public.

Medical editors

  • James Harbeck, BFA, MA, PhD
  • Christine LeMessurier, BA
  • Caitlin Kinnear, BA
  • Romance Vlavonou, BA, MA

Medical writers

  • Roxanne Hook, BScPhm, PharmD
  • Mary Helen Mehta, BScPhm, PharmD
  • Dr. Trish Rawn, BScPhm, PharmD, RPh
  • Amy Shi, BScPhm, PharmD
  • Rachel Werner, PharmD
  • Tina Hoikka, PharmD