Psoriasis Treatment Check-Up Tool

Is it time to see your doctor about managing your psoriasis treatment?

Answer these questions to find out!

Question Yes No
Are you not sure if your treatment is working?
Are you still suffering from psoriasis symptoms even though you are on treatment?
Are you dissatisfied or disappointed with the results you are getting with your psoriasis treatment?
Do you find your psoriasis treatment inconvenient to use?
Does your psoriasis seem to be getting worse?
Are you bothered by your skin itching?
Are you bothered by your skin feeling painful or irritated?
Are you concerned about the appearance of your skin?
Do you feel embarrassed about your psoriasis?
Do you feel upset (e.g., helpless, angry, frustrated) about your psoriasis?
Does your psoriasis affect your relationships or interactions with other people?
Does your psoriasis affect your choice of clothing?
Does your psoriasis affect your social or leisure activities?
Does your psoriasis affect your work or your studies?
Are you having bothersome side effects from your psoriasis treatments?
Do you have any questions about how to use your psoriasis medications?
Do you have any other questions or concerns about your psoriasis treatment?

Based on your answers, you do not need to schedule an appointment to talk to your doctor about psoriasis treatment options at this time.

However, it is still important to keep your regular appointments with your doctor to monitor your psoriasis treatment. Keep in mind that things may change, so if you do have questions or concerns about your treatment in the future, talk to your doctor. You can use the Doctor Discussion Guide to help you prepare for your visit.