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Incontinence > Health Features > How to Find the Right Absorbent Product for You (Men's Solutions) > How to find the right absorbent product for you (Men's solutions)
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Loss of bladder control is embarrassing and can stop you from enjoying life to the fullest. Although it is a common condition, many people suffer in silence. Get the facts on urinary incontinence here. It can help put you back in control of your life.
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How to Find the Right Absorbent Product for You (Men's Solutions)

How to find the right absorbent product for you (Men's solutions)

Absorbent products can give you the confidence you need to get on with your day without worrying about bladder leakage. Today's absorbent products are versatile and discreet, with options to fit a wide variety of needs and lifestyles.

The main absorbent products for men are:

  • guards and drip collectors: These products fit into your regular underwear. Guards attach with an adhesive strip and provide cup-shaped protection. Drip collectors also attach to the underwear and provide a pocket for the penis to fit into to catch urine drips. Both can be changed throughout the day. These options are best for light urine leakage.
  • absorbent underwear: These absorbent products are worn the same way as underwear. They are designed to look like regular underwear. Absorbent underwear can be used for moderate-to-heavy leakage.
  • adjustable absorbent underwear: These underwear can be slipped on and off and also offer side tabs so they can be discreetly changed when you're on the go without having to remove your pants or shoes. They are usually used for heavier leakage.
  • absorbent garments (also called adjustable briefs): These absorbent products fasten at the side for easy opening and closing, and offer maximum leakage protection for the heaviest leakage.

Which one is best for you? Here are a few things to consider when choosing an absorbent product:

Find a product that fits your lifestyle. If you work out, choose a product that provides enough leakage protection to see you through your workouts (see below). If you're often on the road, look for a product that can be easily changed, such as one with side tabs so that you can change it without removing your pants or shoes. You'll also need a product that fits well in your bag so you can carry extra supplies. If you need your protection to look good under your clothes, absorbent pads and discreet products that look just like regular underwear are available. If you're concerned about waste, reusable products are available.

Pick a product that provides the level of protection you need. Consider how much urine leakage you have during your typical activities. For light urine leakage, try an absorbent pad that fits into your regular underwear such as a guard or drip collector. For moderate-to-heavy leakage, you can opt for absorbent underwear. For the heaviest leakage, choose an absorbent garment to get the confidence of maximum leakage protection. You may need a lighter absorbency product for the day and a heavier one at night.

Choose a product that gives you comfort and a good fit. Try a few different products until you find the one that fits you best. Some products are made specifically to fit a man's body. To learn more about available products, visit manufacturers' websites, such as, which offers a variety of products, including solutions just for men, as well as a tool to help you select a product (

How to Find the Right Absorbent Product for You (Men's Solutions)

How to find the right absorbent product for you (Men's solutions)



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