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Healthy Skin > Health Features > How 4 Facial Treatments Really Work > How 4 facial treatments really work
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How 4 Facial Treatments Really Work

How 4 facial treatments really work

You want to look younger, so you head to the Beauty & Skin Care aisle. But you could grow old while trying to make sense of all of the products lining the shelves!

Relax. We'll decode a few of the most common types of facial treatment products you'll encounter.

What does a discolouration fighting product do?

Discolouration fighting products fight discolouration by helping even out skin tone.

This type of facial treatment both moisturizes the skin and strengthens the barrier that maintains that moisture by combining hydrating, conditioning ingredients with a B vitamin to boost skin cell turnover.

A product like this may also feature an ingredient called N-acetyl glucosamine, which cosmetic manufacturers say can help minimize the amount of melanin the skin produces. Melanin is the pigment that gives skin its colour.

What does a deep wrinkle treatment do?

A product that calls itself a deep wrinkle treatment doesn't necessarily erase deep wrinkles. Instead, the name means that the product is formulated to penetrate deeply into the skin's surface to get to work on wrinkles.

Deep wrinkle treatments often contain peptides, which boost the skin's collagen production, which slows as we age. And less collagen means less elastin and hyaluronic acid - the elements that give our skin their youthful elasticity, resilience, and suppleness.

To that collagen rebound, these products often add moisturizers, skin conditioners, and pro-retinols to enhance skin's surface smoothness and plumpness.

How does an eye restoration formula work?

When you gently stroke the skin beneath and around your eyes, you get a sense of just how sensitive, thin, and delicate this area can be. Years of genuine smiles and squinting against the sun can leave quite an impression in the form of crow's feet and crinkly, crepey wrinkles. And because this skin is so thin, any discolouration or puffiness can cast a shadow.

Products specially formulated to help improve the look of crow's feet around the eyes must be both delicate and powerful. An eye restoration complex combines hydrating moisturizers with peptides and antioxidant ingredients to boost collagen and protect against further damage.

What do skin tightening products do?

Sounds uncomfortable, doesn't it – skin tightening? But gravity gets us all down eventually. Thanks to the gradual loss of collagen and elastin, our skin loses its elasticity and tends to sag.

Niacinamide (vitamin B3) is an ingredient added to skin tightening products to strengthen the skin and make it more resilient to damage. These products may also contain moisturizers and caffeine to help maintain the skin's plumpness and "tightness."

How 4 Facial Treatments Really Work

How 4 facial treatments really work



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