A reliable tool for a healthy lifestyle

It can be challenging to eat well and get regular exercise. And, in today's information age, it's hard to know what advice to follow. The volume of health information available is enough to overwhelm even the most nutrition-conscious among us.

Fortunately, there is a trusted source of information that Canadians can use to help sort out the fact from fiction. For 65 years, Canadians have relied on Canada's Food Guide for information on healthy eating. With Health Canada's launch of the 2007 edition, Canadians can once again turn to this well-recognized publication.

The Food Guide translates the latest science on nutrition and health into a practical pattern of eating. It helps you make healthy food choices that will meet your body's need for nutrients and reduce your risk of developing obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, some types of cancer and osteoporosis.

The revised Food Guide is the result of three years of work which included consultations with 7,000 Canadians - including dietitians, scientists, physicians, and public health experts. For Canadians aged two years and older, it provides recommendations on what foods to eat and how much to eat each day.

Canada's Food Guide encourages Canadians to:

  • emphasize vegetables, fruit, and whole grains, and include milk and meat as well as their alternatives;
  • limit foods and beverages high in calories, fat, trans fat, sugar, and salt;
  • compare the Nutrition Facts table on labels to make wise choices; and
  • combine regular physical activity with healthy eating.

This time, it's personal!

This edition of the Food Guide goes one step further than ever before, making recommendations based on age and gender for the daily number of Food Guide Servings recommended from each of the four food groups (Vegetables and Fruit, Grain Products, Milk and Alternatives, Meat and Alternatives) plus a small amount of added oils and fats.

Also available for the first time is a new Food Guide website featuring reliable healthy eating tips and tools. An interactive web tool called "My Food Guide" helps Canadians personalize the information found in the Food Guide by allowing them to select foods from a range of ethnic cuisines and their preferred physical activity choices.

Eating well: it's for Life. Start today with the right information. Get your copy of Canada's Food Guide: